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  1. Book Fair
    Can you still keep in mind the book fairs you attended after you were in school? keep in mind the joy to visualize what books were purchasable and looking for if that book you have needed to shop for was finally priced simply right? Some nice books is found at book fairs and frequently at a lower cost. Did you ever raise yourself why there have been such events?

    A book honest is an occurrence organized for publishers and booksellers to market sales of books. It is a complete event or a part of a bigger occasion. as an example, a food convention will accompany a good wherever booksellers and authors will showcase their cookbooks at the aforementioned event. this may be fundraisers, too. Did you recognize that the book fairs control in your faculty were possibly fundraisers? They weren't solely fundraising events however opportunities to market accomplishment among students.

    Now you, as associate author, is also asking yourself, "What is that the importance of a book fair?" primarily, they're control to market and market books. If you do not market your book, it will not sell. a decent title is nothing if you do not let individuals comprehend it. don't expect your book to sell on its own, you have got to promote it. that's why we've this special affairs to assist your book stand out among the opposite thousands of books written per year.

    Book promotion isn't straightforward. it'll need all of your resources, creativeness and connections. tons of authors wish to possess their books revealed within the ancient means. However, it's tasking to urge your book revealed by a preferred publishing house. that's why thousands of latest authors resort to self-publishing. And here is wherever the importance of book fairs comes into play.

    Book fairs area unit essential events within the business trade. They promote future titles and facilitate self-published authors market their books. taking part in book fairs can assist you as associate author to widen your connections within the business trade and direct you on the thanks to changing into a widely known author.

  2. Your Study Abroad ADVENTURE

    If you have the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program, we definitely suggest that you take it. You will find endless possibilities, make new friends, learn new routes, and get used to a completely different way of living.
    Temporarily living in a different country is a huge challenge. Most study abroad programs will ask participants to obtain a travel protection plan; this is to help ensure you are protected during your stay in case you were to unfortunately catch the flu or had an emergency that caused you to return home early.
    This is why AXA has one of the best protection plans for students studying abroad, where we help protect you from the start of your trip until you are back in your parents’ arms.
    AXA has three core plans for you to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tailored to fit a different style of travel. All plans do however offer Trip Cancellation, Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, and Medical Evacuation benefits.
    While you are learning, making new friends and adapting to your new rhythm of life, you should also take time to grab your backpack and explore your new residence. Take the opportunity to participate in new activities such as surfing, skiing, go for a hike, or explore a new city.
    One is always at risk of falling ill and we would not want you to have to miss any part of your study abroad experience; therefore, having a travel protection plan to help get you to the doctor and up and about again, is essential.
    Studying abroad will offer you a range of opportunities not only during your stay, but after as well, since this will definitely make your resume stand out from the crowd and even help you to learn a new language.
    The process of deciding on a destination, finding a university and even convincing your parents, can certainly be tiresome, but in the end, everything you will experience during this temporary residence abroad will be unforgettable. Take advantage of this opportunity and have the ease of mind that your travel protection plan will be there with you.
    Every great trip begins with a great travel protection plan. Get yours now from AXA.


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