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Finding a great destination in Europe in July is very easy, so narrowing down your decisions is the tricky part. This is the single city that most crowded in the month of July in most of Europe's touristy cities, although July can be less crowded than you might expect in the most critical business cities such as Milan and Paris. If you are searching for Group Tour Packages from Dubai to visit Europe there are many options.

Those who are planning to Europe trip in July should even consider the Nordic mountains because this is a bit of the short time of year that they have beautiful weather and the long daylight hours can proceed up for the high prices. Here are some of the suggestions for where to go in Europe in July.

Here Are The List To Visit In July Month:


Rome is hot and crowded with full of people in July, so if you are interested in going in April, May, September, or October, you will be at least a bit better off. But Rome is one of the world's great cities and the evenings are cool enough that it is still very delightful. Some of the cheaper hotels don't have to air-condition, so that's something to consider before you book.

Most people want to travel from Rome to Florence and Venice, but if you would get a bit more time you might think to visit Sorrento, which is a bit south of Naples and it is the ideal home for a day-trip to Naples including Pompeii, the island of Capri, as well as the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento will be much small crowded and more attractive in July, so it's a beautiful place to relax and experience the best food and scenery.


Since Venice is found on an island in a lagoon, it doesn't get quite as hot as the other Italian cities on this listing. Furthermore, it'll be hot and humid, and most of all, insanely crowded. Although, if you are going to Europe in July and particularly to Italy, you have to stay in Venice for at least a day or two.

The crowds in Venice are nightmarish in the month of winter, or at least they are throughout the day. So the ability to visiting is to book a hotel on the main island and do as much walking about and sightseeing in the early morning and evening as possible. Most of the daytime crowd heads off to buses or hotels on the mainland, so Venice is surprisingly quiet in the off-hours.


Even though Reykjavik somehow gained a reputation as a nightlife capital in recent years, it's still not a place you need to stay in any longer than you have to. The magic of Iceland is the view all over this extremely photogenic volcanic island, and Reykjavik is the only plain-looking place here.

If you are planned to spend a week in Europe, you should think about driving a lap around the Ring Road in a leased car. You won't believe your eyes that you will see a beautiful scene on the way you go. Even though the country has become more valuable in the last few years, you can quiet visit Iceland on a low budget with these tips. Food and service are on the pricey side, but it's worth it.


Florence does get hot in July, and it is very crowded all summer as well, but just as we discussed with Rome (above), it is just such an interesting and attractive city that you shouldn't skip it if you are doing a July Europe trip at all. So, make sure to book these Best Europe Tour Packages from Dubai to visit most attractive cities.

Another big thing about Florence is that it's an ideal base for day trips to Pisa, Cinque Terre, Siena, and some lovely hill towns nearby, so this is a great place to pad your Italy trip. Hotel prices here are lower than in Rome and Venice as well, but again, fewer price hotels might not have air conditioning.

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