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Singapore is a global metropolis and hub for business. This status brings several visitors to the city-state, but the past few decades have also brought tourists to this small and attractive country. While the heart of the city allows food and shopping districts par excellence, the real attraction is the water sports in Singapore.

The area is permanently on the boil, and it gets very humid too often here, so it is natural if the locals and visitors want to take a dip in the abundant aqua and try the many water sports over here. Whether it is just the rush of experience you are looking for or an escape from the heat, these thrilling water movements in Singapore will not disappoint.

There are water rides and attractions for both adults and kids to enjoy, but we suggest testing the waters at Ular-Lah, the first raft slide in Southeast Asia and a super flume experience that’s forced to push the ends of your courage. Parents with younger kids should take note that there may be height safety elements on various rides.


Kayaking in the calm lakes around the city’s various islands is one of the best family-friendly water sports in Singapore. Most of the people who visit Kayak will try fishing, which is an exciting activity. One can kayak with one or two persons at a time; the activity is excellent for both – single as well as groups.

There are lots of trained adventure guides here that can support you with both equipment and skills. There are four-hour basic program if you are just interested in learning the sport, and it works even for kids.


If you were expecting to fly over the ocean, you could select choose to fly board in Singapore. For newbies, flyboarding involves a hydro flying device that propels you over the water where you can fly and cartwheel around like Jetpack Dave.

This truly adrenaline-pumping sport is possible in packages that supply experienced instructors and water sports equipment. It is one of the best adventurous water sports in Singapore.


There is not much to notice underwater in Singapore, but its nearness to some of the best diving sites in South-East Asia is great for all the diving firms that operate here. Packages here will get you things, underwater cameras, scuba diving lessons, and access to diving spots that are filled with corals and beautiful buildings of fish and other marine animals. Instructors training scuba diving in Singapore are usually certified PADI instructors and divemasters.


The Central Business District is a thrilling location for sailing, and this is precisely what you can do aboard the two fleets of boats that are accessible in Marina Bay. This sport is basically for the people who have previously mastered in sailing, but if you have, Singapore you can experience this one of the high water sports. There are best offers that providing Singapore packages from Dubai with all the services you expect.


The traditional water sport has, of course, found a home in Singapore. The city is not primarily known for monstrous waves crashing onto its beaches, but at the island resort of Sentosa, you can, however, do some water skiing in Singapore. If you are really interested you can utilize this best Singapore tour package from Dubai.

Specifically designed wave houses can create artificial waves that match your skill level – beginners can take the easy 32 km/h waves, and if you are positive with your skill level, you can take the 48 km/h waves that will spit you out if you are not careful. Also, try these surf spot at the Sea Breeze Water game in Singapore for a taste of the real waves.

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