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Fashion designing is one of the most demanding industries these days and youngsters are crazy to join this industry because of good name and fame. But the fact is, everyone can’t get the desired success in this field; only who work hard and have the ability to play with colors and designs effectively, can achieve their dreams. Now let’s understand what is needed to enter in this field.

Get the Required Education or Certification:

Generally bachelor degree in the related field is needed to become a fashion designer. But in case you don’t want any formal degree and want to start the career on the basis of your creative skills then you can start like that. In that case, you will have to do work hard in finding clients or to make a career in fashion designing. Today, employers hire fashion designers who has creative mind with good technical knowledge about the fabrics, accessories and so on.

Education for Fashion Designing

In the bachelor course of fashion designing, students get the knowledge of different types of fabrics and textiles. They understand well about how to use CAD technology, i.e. computer aided design program. Student will also get some projects during their course so that they can get more idea about the designs. They can add their designs in their portfolio and showcase their work publicly as well. This will surely enhance their designing skills.

Developing portfolio with the collection of design ideas is essential for the fashion designers because your portfolio demonstrates your style and designing abilities. Employers hire those fashion designers who has good portfolio. They take their decision on the basis of your talent and creativity that will be judged according to your portfolio. You will get the opportunity of developing portfolio with the reliable fashion designing institute. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the reliable and top fashion designing institutes in India, who provide assistance to their students to develop their portfolio.

Experience for Fashion Designers

Experience always counts when you are in the designing industry. So it is important to gain some initial experience before entering in the fashion designing industry. Fashion designers can get internships or prefer to serve as an assistant designer. It will help to get the clear idea about the industry requirements. Moreover, aspiring fashion designers can get an opportunity to understand well about the designing process and get good knowledge of fabrics, textiles and many other essentials.

Attributes of Fashion Designers

As we know, everyone can’t be a successful fashion designer. Designers, who have some important attributes, can build a good career in this fashion designing industry. These attributes include:
  • Imaginative Ability: Fashion designers must have some imaginative abilities. So that they can sketch their initial design ideas effectively. They can be further used for creating prototypes. Designers must have the ability of expressing their ideas for the particular design with the help of their sketches.
  • Effective Communication Skill: Communication is one of the most important attributes in building a career in fashion industry as fashion designers generally need to work in teams throughout the process of designing. If they don’t communicate well about their ideas or anything else then the end product will not be as desired. For instance, if designers will not give proper instructions to their sewers then they won’t be able to give accurate output.
  • Good Knowledge of Computer: Computer skill is quite common these days as computer is used in almost every field. So fashion designers must be friendly with it and can use computer aided design programs effectively. They must be familiar with the graphic editing software so that they can use wherever required.
  • Experimenting Ability: Fashion designers must have the ability to experiment with fabrics, colors and designs. They will have to work with variety of fabrics and colors so fashion designers must be creative enough in order to give unique and stylish designs.
  • Decision-Making Ability: As you know, fashion designers generally need to work with teams so it is essential to make decision instantly. Fashion designers have so many ideas so they must be able to decide which idea to be followed for designing.
  • Good Insight: Fashion designers works with variety of colors and fabrics so they must have a good eye in minute differences in color and fabrics. It will help in developing good designs.

What are the Duties of Fashion Designers?

Fashion designers first sketch designs, then select fabrics and designs. They give instructions to their team member to follow the design and create original clothing, accessories, and footwear. Fashion designers generally play following duties:
  • Learn about the recent fashion trends
  • Anticipate designs, that is appealing to consumers
  • Use computer-aided design (CAD) programs for creating designs
  • Regular visits to the trade shows or manufacturers in order to get fabric samples.
  • Pick the ideal fabrics, colors, embellishments to design garment or accessory
  • Create prototype designs with the help of team members.
  • Showcase fashion design ideas in various fashion or trade shows
  • Sell designs to the retailers or directly to consumers
  • Manage the production of designs

How Fashion Designer Works?

Firstly, some fashion designers go through the recent market trends and then predict about the future trends. They check various reports published in the fashion industry. According to this research, they create their new designs. On the other hand, some fashion designers create their collection according to the regular surroundings. They get inspiration from the cultures or from the various art media.

After creating new design idea, they produce prototype by using various fabrics. Generally they use less expensive material to create prototype. They test their designs on models and then decide whether the design looks good or needs some correction. But today most of the designers sketch their ideas digitally, i.e. computer-aided design program that helps them to check their work on virtual models so that they can make adjustments easily. They can use different colors, designs and shapes and then start work on real fabrics to produce eye-catching garments.


In nutshell, to become an effective and popular fashion designer, first you need to get the bachelor degree in fashion designing from any reliable fashion designing institute, i.e. JD Institute of Fashion Designing. They are the cheerleaders of this field and providing many courses so you can apply any of these courses and start your career in fashion designing field. After completing the course you can start your practice individually or become an assistant of any established fashion designer.

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