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There was a time when no one could have predicted the rise of the internet. In the 1990s, one genius by the name of Jeff Bezos, quit his high-paying job at Wall Street to start an online book retailer known as Amazon. That company, in the 21st century, is one of the Big Four of technology alongside Facebook, Google, and Apple. Amazon isn't the only company to have survived the Dot-Com Boom of the 20th century. Another big name, eBay, was also part of the competition. Present ecommerce startups take inspiration from these 1990s online businesses with a hope to one day make it big like them.

But as there are many startups launching throughout the world in countries such as United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and India, competition in the tech market is fierce. It is tough for new businesses to attract good investors in the initial fiscal year. Even though the evolution of technology has made the lives of users easier, it is proving troublesome for new businesses who wish to expand their online businesses. A business relies as much on the internet as the average citizen does. A company needs an online portal like a website, and in the 2010s, two or more social media profiles are required. But, even if the company spends a lot on their websites and social media account, it won't matter if proper SEO practices are not utilised.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a process which affects the online visibility of a website or webpage. For example, if you run a taxi service in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai then you will be competing with a lot of other similar companies. The first thing potential consumers will do is search for a taxi service in Dubai on a popular search engine like Bing or Yahoo! Search. If your company's website shows up in the top of the search results, then your business will gain a higher likelihood of getting discovered. If the SEO practices you use are not working, then your site won't rank as high as you've intended, and thus customers will be availing the services of another firm.

SEO has itself become a profession, and if you don't think you're skilled enough to employ SEO techniques on your website, then there are a lot of professionals in Search Engine Optimization in Dubai, Karachi, and all of the other metropolitan cities in the world.

Why Does SEO Need So Much Content?

Now, if you are a writer who can write high-quality articles, you should be made aware of the disparity between normal articles and SEO-friendly write-ups. Sure, a well-written article with spotless grammar and top-notch vocabulary would make readers like your content, however, it will face the burden of not being discovered by readers in the first place.

As we have already discussed what SEO stands for, it's about time we get make ourselves acquainted with content. Content refers to any data that is web-based and is consumed on the web by users of the internet. Types of content vary but mainly comprise of articles, blog posts, product page, videos, lists, guides, etc. Some content types are gaining more momentum than others in 2019, such as video. Main reasons include that people prefer watching videos which explain something rather than reading an article which explains the same concept. Also, young as well as lazy internet users will prefer watching a ten-minute video than reading an article that can be read in two minutes. An example of the popularity of video can be seen by YouTube's current position as number two in Alexa's Top 500 Websites Ranking.

But why is so much content needed for SEO Services? The primary reason is competition. SEO might be a relatively new field having been emphasized more in this 21st century, and thus, more and more businesses are hiring SEO professionals.

Another reason for the requirement of a high amount of content is the variety of content available. As mentioned earlier, a company looking to expand their business online needs more than a website, they need a social media page on a popular website like Facebook and Twitter, and a channel on a famous video sharing platform like YouTube and Twitch. Some social media sites cater to a specific type of content than others. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are more image-orientated than Facebook and Twitter.

SEO might favour a lot of content but that doesn't mean you should simultaneously upload a poor-quality video or a poor-quality article on the same day of your schedule. Below are some tips for beginners in regards to writing content which is SEO-orientated.

Tips for composing SEO-friendly Articles in 2019

  • Make your articles informative in nature: Articles which explain something gain more clicks. Similarly, it has been documented that, on YouTube, How To videos gain more views on average than other types of video content on the site.
  • Uniqueness: Your article or video should exhibit more originality than your competitors' content. For example, if you make a How To video then make sure your version is more unique than videos based on a similar topic.
  • Trustworthiness: Nothing turns off viewers from the articles they read or the videos they watch on the web than dishonest information. So remember to research thoroughly before you pen a write-up or shoot a video.
  • High quality: High quality is a term which has become synonymous with SEO content. Not only should your article be written well, it should come across as shareable as well, as the more sites it is posted on, the better its chance of ranking high in search results.
  • Immersive experience: If people wish for a linear experience, they would scan the newspapers or watch TV for information. When people are reading your content, the ability to like, comment, and share makes for a unique and engaging experience, in regards to SEO-friendly content.

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