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Image Annotation is a technique of labeling the image data with certain outlines and keywords to make it recognizable for machines. The main purpose of image annotation is to use this annotated images for computer vision for machine learning or train the computer systems developed on AI-based technology.

How Image Annotation is Done?

The image annotation is mainly done manually by humans using the tools or software as per the requirements. Actually these annotated images are used as training data sets in machine learning and it is important to annotate or label the images with right texts or lining or borders to make it easily recognizable for machines that can be used to computer such images itself without human interference with best level of accuracy at each stage.

Type & Applications of Image Annotation

There are different types of image annotations used depending upon the resource availability and project needs. Bounding box annotation, Polygon annotation, Semantic annotation and Line Annotations are popular of them mainly used while annotating different types of images.

Whatever the type of image annotation is used here the quality and accuracy is considered to make sure the each machine learning project can get right quality of data sets to learn from such annotated images and build a successful model for different industries. Autonomous Car, Retail, Drone Imagery, Healthcare is the major fields where image annotation is used.

Cogito is one of the companies offers the image annotation services using the all types of image annotation techniques with best quality and accuracy for each project. It is equipped with advance facilities and skilled workforce or annotators to complete this job successfully and provide the best image annotation services as per the needs and affordability.

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