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Audio Transcription is a process of transforming the audio or verbal files into the texts or other readable formats. Many professionals are doing this job in their daily life to convert the audial into text to make it available for different types of end-users like legal hearings, web designers, personal secretaries and other professionals needs such contents.

Audio transcription could be from a normal conversation to music or other types of audio files into the text as per the client’s language preferences. The main motive of audio transcription services are simply converting the verbal words into a written text while keeping the true sense and meaning of the audio file making it available for other needs at different situations.

How to Do Audio Transcription?

To transcribe the audio files into texts or other formats, there are many software and tools can be used to automatically transcribe the verbal saying into the texts. However, a manual audio transcription process is also followed as per the customer’s need and affordability. The difference right here is freely available tools.

The question right here is freely available transcription tools are reliable or not, as sensitive or legal proceeding related transcription should be precise and done with highest accuracy. Hence, you need to be very careful while using the free software or online tools to make sure the transcription quality not get affected and you get the right results.

Here you need to hire professionals like Cogito providing the audio transcription service by humans or with the combination of both machine and humans to ensure the accuracy and speed providing the best audio transcription at affordable pricing. Cogito is also known for providing Video and OCR Transcription service with best level of accuracy.


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