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Most frequent travelers already know about what kind of things not to wear on a plane. However, first-time travelers might make wardrobe mistakes that may prove to be costly. For those wondering what to wear on a plane in summer, let us tell you that outfit choices depend on more than just the weather. While there have been several debates about what type of outfits to wear on a plane, travel experts seem to agree on some key points. What are these? These are those key points that list the top things not to wear on a plane. We’ve listed the most significant ones below especially for first-time travelers.

What to NEVER Wear on a Plane:

Most travelers now know how to find super cheap flight tickets. Sadly, many remain unaware of what’s appropriate to wear on an airplane. There are certain things not to wear on a plane even if you’re making a short journey on last minute flights. Check what some of these are on the list below.

1. Tight clothing

This is among the top things not to wear on a plane. Constrictive clothing that restricts blood flow can cause Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). In some cases, this can result in pulmonary embolism which could prove to be fatal. So, if you’re wondering what to wear on a plane man, woman, or child, remember that tight clothing is not it.

2. Fabrics that don’t allow you to breathe

Always avoid wearing nylon and leather on a plane. They don’t allow your skin to breathe, restrict air circulation, and will hold in sweat as well. You’ll end up stewing while the plane rests on the tarmac under the extremely hot sun. Avoid rubber and waterproof jackets as well. Pick fabrics that will easily absorb sweat and allow you to breathe.

3. Leggings

Can you wear leggings on a plane? Yes, you can. But you probably shouldn’t. Wearing leggings goes against the dress code of certain airlines. Besides, constrictive leggings pose a health risk. So, before you think of wearing leggings on a long flight, consider the risks involved.

4. Uncomfortable footwear

This is among the top things not to wear on a plane even if you’re traveling on business class flights. Uncomfortable footwear will leave your feet sore and make the flight journey a nightmare. Avoid tight shoes, high heels, specially-designed flip flops, and pretty much anything that focuses on style above comfort.

5. Your favorite outfit

Why is this among the things not to wear on a plane? There’s a good reason for it. What if you spill something on it? What if it tears? Maybe your favorite shirt could gather some stains that can never be removed. Why not just avoid the risk and not wear your favorite outfit on the plane? It’ll add to its shelf life.

6. Summer clothes

Just because you’ve been wondering what to wear on a plane in summer, don’t show up at the airport in fancy summer clothes. They are not appropriate outfits to wear on a plane as the temperature inside the airplane is often quite cold. You’ll end up shivering for the entire flight if blankets don’t come easily to you.

7. Perfumes

All types of smells become amplified on an airplane. So, when you use a strong - or even a mild - perfume, the smell could cause a lot of discomfort to your fellow passengers. Wear freshly laundered clothes instead. If you have to wear perfume, carry a travel size pack and put it on after you deboard.

8. Contact lenses

Cabin air can be very dry and this will cause your nose and eyes to dry out as well. In such cases, it will be extremely uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. That’s why these are among the top things not to wear on a plane. Carry a pair of glasses for the flight and use the lenses at your travel destination.

9. Complicated outfits

This is among the top things not to wear on a plane as it can cause difficulty while using the airplane lavatory. It can cause you to stumble, fall, or even drop your phone in the toilet. Complicated outfits to wear on a plane include jumpsuits, wrap-around blouses, long skirts, bodysuits, and the likes. Pick easy-to-get-out-of clothes that will make it simpler to use the bathroom.

10. Pajamas and baggy clothes

While pajamas may seem like really comfortable outfits to wear on a plane, they can be quite inappropriate. The same goes for baggy clothes - they’re a tad too informal. Also, baggy clothes may give airport agents the impression that you’re hiding something in them. But is it ok to wear sweatpants on a plane? No, not really. They can be too informal and may cause your fellow passengers to frown upon your travel clothes choice.

11. Metallic or itchy fabric

It’s probably a good idea to avoid wearing these anywhere and not just on the flight! Itchy fabric will stick to your skin due to the temperature fluctuations on board. Metallic clothing will cause you to be stopped at the checkpoint itself. That’s why these are among the key things not to wear on a plane.

12. Inappropriate/Offensive clothing

Regardless of which airline you’ve booked international flights with, NEVER wear offensive clothing. This is among the top things not to wear on a plane. But what constitutes offensive clothing? These can be anything from baggy pants and low-cut blouses to Tees laced with expletives or objectionable political motifs. So, avoid these kinds of clothes if you don’t want to be refused to board by the airline staff.

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