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The first impression is the best impression, they say. Well, in most cases, it holds true. If you are going to meet a new person, or for a meeting, it is important that you look your best and dress your best to get the deal or to impress that person you like.

Often, men make mistakes while dressing thinking it is okay. On the contrary, it might be the reason for them not getting the deal or being rejected on a first date. Hence, to look your best and be charming, here are a list of simple tips that you can follow to rock the day.


Confidence in self is the best dress anyone can wear. You might be copying a Mahesh Babu dressing style, but if you lack confidence, it is of no use. It is very important to be confident, no matter how scared you are. When you meet people, greet them with a firm handshake that shows confidence and give a warm smile. If you are lost and confused, try the Superman pose.


To have the best first impression on people, it is important to work on your style and image that is within the acceptable standards. Dress such that people take you seriously and value the points that you put across. Dress mature and at the same time for your age.


Although the shoes or other footwear you wear seem insignificant, they are not. In fact, footwear holds a major part in saying about you. Hence, invest in good quality shoes depending on the occasion. If you are low on budget or do not have much to spend, you can buy casual shoes that would also look good for professional or business occasions.

Take Care of Your Clothes

While staying in budget is important; maintaining your clothes and taking good care of them is equally important. Keep your clothes in a good environment and make sure to iron them before wearing. Check out Mahesh Babu shirts that you can buy for affordable prices and wear them for casual as well as business occasions.

Wear Clothes Of The Right Size

As much comfortable as baggy clothes may be, you can definitely wear them all day long at home. For a young professional trying to make their mark in the market, it is important to wear well-ironed clothes and clothes that fit perfectly. If the shirt or trousers does not fit you right, do not buy it.

Own A Suit That Fits Right

Borrowing a suit from a friend or family member for an emergency is okay. But if this keeps repeating, it is time for you to get a suit for yourself. Rather than buying a suit, get a tailored suit as they stitch them as per your measurements. Hence, they fit perfectly on you. However, if you decide to buy a suit, try it on before buying and check if the stores have any in-house tailors that could make the necessary adjustments for your suit.

Quality Over Quantity

There is no use of having a lot of clothes that look cheap or reverse your good appearance. Hence, even if the pair may seem to be a bit costly, if you need it, buy it. It is best to invest in good quality clothes that will last longer rather than in cheap quality clothes.

Do Not Follow Fashion Trends

There is always a new trend in the fashion world, and being a young professional, it is difficult to keep up with the latest trending fashion. Hence, stick to classic clothes and accessories as they are evergreen and one can never be out of fashion wearing them.

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