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What is Medical Imaging? With Examples

Medical imaging refers to the visualization of the body parts or organs by creating images for the purpose of disease diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. There are many different types of medical imaging techniques used along with medical image annotation to produce such images and make it understandable by humans and machines. And the examples of medical imaging are X-ray images, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear medicine, Endoscopy and molecular imaging used for medical diagnosis.

What is the Future of Medical Imaging?

Owing to new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning healthcare data the future of Medical Imaging seems very promising in the near future. As, it AI and ML will help radiologists to take quick decisions after the data intercepted by the systems backed with these advance technologies that can easily diagnosis and identify the ailments through these images.

Actually, over the past five years workload of radiologist increased from twenty to fifty percentage but still automation with ML and AI it is not expected to reach at the advance level that can replace the radiologist in the next two decades. But further with more accurate medical image annotation and data labeling the role and important of AI and ML will become more vital for medical imaging technology used in hospitals or medical care fields.

Apart from AI and ML, Blockchain is also another filed medical imaging will have bright scope with further opportunities with the demand of such technologies. Actually, blockchain has several advantages in medical imaging applications as it can help to prevent the data breaches that is mainly occurs in health care sector. But blockchain will support the distribution of visuals processing units to drive AI analysis and analytics and facilitate further ML actions.

The Future of Medical Imagining in Various Fields:

  • Faster Disease Diagnosis
  • Diagnostic with Accuracy
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Patient-centered Care
  • Algorithm Development
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Deep Learning from Error
  • Improving Infrastructure Quality
  • Economics of quality improvement
Moreover, with more accurate and high-quality medical imaging data the future of medical imaging has wider scope in multiple fields like 3D visualization, virtual reality and image-guided intervention, Intraoperative technologies and nuclear imaging. And it will also help to improving workflow and internal communication through AI-backed applications with the help of modern radiology workflows incorporate that will make simple to share information between departments and keep radiologists informed.

Cogito is one the companies medical imaging data to train the AI or ML supported systems or business models and make them learn with algorithms and work with accurate response. Cogito is specialized in data collection, classification with image annotation services for various fields. It is also involved in medical image annotation and data labeling with best quality and accuracy to make it usable for computer vision and machine learning.

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