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SSC CGL is a tough exam to crack, and with so many people aspiring to achieve it, the level of competition is equally high. It is essential for an aspirant to follow a particular routine to be able to crack it with a good score. Here are a some important tips that will help you.

Know The Syllabus And Exam Pattern

The first thing to do is have thorough information on the exam pattern and the entire syllabus that should be covered for the examination. Refer to the official website that gives detailed information on the curriculum including the subjects, and the topic to study.

Additionally, it is important to see the previous years’ question papers to understand how the SSC exam pattern is and also see the type of questions that are asked. Sometimes, you might come across questions that are repeated and also easy. Some of the basic books to refer and study for the exam are Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation.

Analyze And Make A Study Plan

Analyzation is important, as there are so many topics to cover and probably less time. Now that you have the entire syllabus in front of you divide the topics and assign a particular time to each subject or topic and try to stick to it and complete studying in the time frame. Know in which area you are weak and what topics you are strong with and make a study plan accordingly.

One needs thorough knowledge in Mathematics and English along with tricks that will help them solve the questions easily and in less time. Additionally, a good grip on vocabulary is also important. Know the weightage of each topic and make the plan as per that.

Time Management

If you are taking SSC coaching, then it is very important to divide your schedule and fit in self-study as well as attending the coaching classes. See the time that is given to solve each question and try to maintain that pace even while studying and practicing.

Managing time not only means that you have to fit in your daily schedule, but also set a time for each problem. Keep in mind that there is negative marking and minimize getting negative marks during your practice tests.

Make A Plan For The Exam

Since all the subjects are important and carry marks accordingly, give them all equal time. The subjects are English, Reasoning Ability, and Numerical Ability. Since there is negative marking scheme be sure of what questions you attempt at the exam. For fewer negatives, make sure to follow this even while taking practice tests.

Write down all the formulae and important tricks that will help you solve the questions faster. Also, handwritten notes are more effective and help you retain them in your memory for a longer time.

Study Material

Collect study materials that are suggested or written by experts as the books will contain all the knowledge, methods to solve the problems, and also various types of question. Most books also come with a section that is dedicated to question papers - previous years’ question papers, mock or practice tests, CDs that include video tutorials.

Online test series for SSC CGL 2019. Also, make sure you are thorough with your basics so that the complicated and more important topics become easier to solve and do not take much time.

Stick to The Plan

Since you have made a plan and time table solely depending on your capacity and capability, stick to it, and no matter what, do not deviate from it. If you have started your preparation late for the exam, then you cannot afford to skip any part of the study schedule. Therefore, maintain discipline and work towards cracking the exam.

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