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Baby showers are a modern-day way of announcing the gender of their baby to their family, friends, and all loved ones. The entire family - the mom-to-be, family, and friends celebrate this occasion together.

Sometimes, the pregnant lady would like to surprise her husband and other family members by revealing the baby’s gender in the baby shower. The whole celebration usually includes food which is a must, games, laughs, good family time together, and of course, the big revelation of the baby’s gender.

Usually, most women wait until they are seven or eight months pregnant to hold the baby shower. No matter how small or big the baby shower is going to be, there is a certain amount of planning required. With so much to arrange for, here are a few tips to help you plan the party.


Any location or venue would do as long as it fits within the budget and reason. It is better not to throw the party at the mom-to-be’s house as she would have a lot to clean up afterward. In-home showers or holding them in the backyard are easy to plan, arrange for, and also go very easy on the pocket.

If you are low on budget, then celebrating at home would be a viable option. You can vamp up the whole place with baby shower balloons and make it look grand while spending the minimum. Further, you can also book a hall or a table at your favorite restaurant if the celebration is small and only with family and close friends.


How can any party be complete without gifts? On the contrary, if the guests are already contributing towards the baby shower, they might not exactly be in a position to pay. So, consider that option and plan accordingly.

You can register for a gift list. Also, another great idea it all the guests clubbing in together to get a gift or a bigger present that would be useful for the baby to come.


If you are a creative person, you can make the invitations yourself by using color papers or designing and printing them on your own. Send out the invitations well before-hand, say at least one month prior which gives the guests plenty of time to plan for other things accordingly. Make sure to include the date, time, venue, location, costs, themes, and RSVP details. Further, do not forget to mention about the registered gift list or forego.


If you are looking up or thinking to throw the baby shower party with a theme-based one, then do consider the color codes. You could go with simple pastel colors for simple and easy decoration.
Or, you could take help with any of your friends or family and come with a great theme. You can use themed cards such as pink or blue which are an excellent idea for gender revelation parties. The decorations are very easy to find, and one can order birthday balloon delivery and other supplies that are required for the invitations.

Food and Drinks

A buffet would be the best option when it comes to arranging for food at parties. You could ask each guest to cook and bring a dish or order online. Further, if you have the time and energy, you could even cook up a few dishes and bake the cake as well.

Fun And Games

Plan for games if you have any in mind or else you could look up the internet, and you will find plenty of baby shower game ideas. Some of the game ideas are mum-to-be quizzes, guess the baby food, name that baby, and baby bingo.

Goodie Bags

Do not send off the guests empty handed. Make sure to put some personalized gifts in the goodie bags and give them while they leave.

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