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Going to buy a refrigerator but are not sure how to go about the whole process? It is easy to get confused with so many options to choose from, and so many opinions to consider. Here are six steps that will help you buy the best refrigerator that will suit best for your house, needs, and fits in your budget. Also, look for LG Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad for immediate response in case you face any problems.


Considering the amount of storage you require is the first step to finding the right refrigerator for you. Measure the area in cubic feet as it will be easy. The size of the refrigerator needed also depends on the size of the family. For a family of four, the size ranges from 18 to 25 cubic feet. Whereas, for a couple, an 18 cubic feet size would do, but could invest in a larger size accordingly.

Along with the area, width and height of the refrigerator should also be taken into consideration. It is essential for the refrigerator to fit in the kitchen or the area provided specifically for it. Hence, take the measurements before going to the store.

The models generally come around 68 inches tall have a width that ranges from 30 to 36 inches. Further, also measure the size of the doorway so that it is easy to bring the refrigerator in and install it. The other dimensions to consider are the refrigerator's width and height.


There are various available styles - top mount, side-by-side, bottom mount, and french door. Top mount are common and least expensive. It is a simple model with the freezer on the top and the fridge below. The size is mostly available in 18 cubic feet which is ideal for a small home.

The side-by-side refrigerators have two freezers besides each other. One part takes two-thirds while the other door takes one-third of the total. Bottom mount refrigerator has two parts with the bottom part a sliding compartment which is very easy to pull out and push back in. The last style, french door, opens from the center, not much different from the bottom mount style. The freezer drawer in this also opens from the bottom.


Every refrigerator provides basic functions. But if you want more features, make sure to see what the refrigerator features what you want and choose accordingly. Some of the modern and luxury features are ice makers, water dispensers, adjustable shelving, spill-proof shelving, soda-can dispensers, moisture controls, enclosed condenser coils, and auto-defrosting functions. Features differ from brand to brand as well as model to model.

Go Green

Energy is one of the prime concerns. Energy Star logo can save half of the daily energy consumption which reflects in the energy bills. Hence, getting a refrigerator with an energy star is an economical idea as well as an efficient one.

Select Your Brand

There are a wide variety of brands. Read the reviews, consumer reports, and consumer reviews and decide on the brand. More the feature-rich, more the popular is the brand.


Now that you have a small list, it all comes down to appearance and prices. Visit a few showrooms if you can to get the best price. While some stores offer in-store specials and model markdowns, others give their best prices online with a free shipping provision. Make sure that the price you are paying for includes all the features you want such as icemaker, water dispenser, and so on. Further, every appliance comes with a warranty period, within which any issue that comes up with it will be repaired for free of cost, and if the appliance is giving way too much trouble, even replacement is done. There are many Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad you can contact if the refrigerator gives any trouble.

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