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How to Uninstall Dell Protected Workspace?

This to know how to fix Dell protected workspace uninstall error on Dell computers or laptops. The entire blog post suggest how to uninstall Dell protected workspace error without facing any issue. It is also analyzing and explaining why such error codes comes on Dell system and the best solution is applied right here in this blog post to deal with such issues. Dell users facing such issues on their system can find the right solution given below with proper stepwise guidance and online assistance to deal with such issues on Dell computers and laptops.

Steps to Fix Dell Protected Workspace Uninstall Error:

Step 1: First of all download Dell Data Protection Protected Workspace v6.1.3.

Step 2: Now enter the information to proceed to the download.

Step 3: After this you have to run the installer & applications.

Step 4: Now, when installation finished then launch the installer and wait for some time.

Step 5: If KB fails to install then cancel the installation process and run the application again.

Step 6: Now users might get the error as SBoxDLL.dll

Step 7: Here just click on ‘OK’ option and the application will complete.

Step 8: Now, a screen from Invencia will be displayed in front of your screen.

Step 9: Now you have to cancel and here click on the remove option.

Step 10: Finally, remove the desktop shortcut and start menu items after completion.

These steps are enough to resolve the Dell protected workspace uninstall error and configure the settings to avoid such error codes and run the Dell devices without any trouble. The stepwise troubleshooting process is also helpful in use the protected workspace on Dell computer safely without facing any issue. However, if problem is not getting solved or error comes again just call at Dell customer support and get online assistance by experts to fix such issues and enjoy the trouble-fee on Dell computers and laptops.

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