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How to Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0142?

If you Dell laptop is showing an error code 2000-0142 means hard drive is unable to pass power on self-test during computer boot up. Actually, when general hard drive showing the sign like beeping, started creating clicking, spinning noise and windows is not booting up your Dell system, a display error code 2000 0142 appears on your computer screen. But you can fix this error with the help of right troubleshooting process given right here.

Steps to Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0142:

Step 1: Frist of boot your Dell PC and when logo appears press F12.

Step 2: Now you entered into one time boot menu navigate and enter to diagnostics.

Step 3: Press enter here to run the diagnostic and wait till the test pass.

Step 4: If Your Dell not able to pass the test may be connection problem.

Step 5: Now open panel and remove device showing connection issue.

Step 6: If problem not solved replace connection cable.

Step 7: Now run hardware test again if failed change parts.

Step 8: After replacing part restart system and press F8 to enter Dell service center.

These steps are enough to solve the problems that are causing the Dell error code 2000-0142. The entire troubleshooting process is helpful in identifying the root cause of problem producing the error code 2000-0142 on Dell devices. However, online help service is also available right here to deal with such issues and the Dell computers error-free.

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