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It's time for updates for those interested in how to do marketing in 2019! In particular, it is estimated that content marketing will reach over 400 billion dollars worldwide by 2021. To know how to move with the brand you want to develop, set a specific goal and adopt a winning strategy. Here are the trends to take into account starting this year.

Content marketing: some data to know what awaits us

Until recently considered marginal by brands, today content marketing is the best way to capture, acquire and retain customers. The research report “The 2018 State of Digital Content " conducted by Altimeter, reports interesting results that testify the change occurred: the surveys go back to August 2018, directed to the managers of large companies in North America, Europe (France, United Kingdom and Germany) and China. For 81% of them, the growth of the brand is directly linked to the content of personalized messages, aimed at a specific one target of users. But how are these very special contents transmitted?

A 2015 Nielsen research had already proven that the four sources of product information, considered the most reliable by consumers, are:
  • word of mouth among strangers
  • websites
  • publishing products
  • The reviews posted on social media

Given that 30% of users will use ad-blocking systems by the end of 2019 to avoid direct advertising, we can officially declare traditional ads in favor of content marketing down. But that's not all: according to a Salesforce survey, 57% of interviewed users gladly provide their personal information to the brand in order to obtain personalized offers and discounts. 53%, instead, do it to have a shopping experience built "tailored" for their tastes and needs. For this reason, the giants Netflix and Amazon have been exploiting the power of personalization for a while already content marketing , inserting on the home pages, banners, carousels, even graphics and texts adapted to users' expectations.

Also the SEO strategy will have a new face in the 2019 content marketing: the focus is now the vocal search. Indeed, some studies have established that, by 2020, almost 50% of all web searches will be done through visual and vocal research. According to Gartner, the brands that adopt this type of research at the beginning of 2019 will increase their revenue by 30% by 2021. Finally, we must not overlook the impact of videos produced by the brand and transmitted to the user. It was discovered that as a tool content marketing they offer better personalization and make the content assimilate in a simple, intuitive, much more immediate way, involving different age groups. In confirmation of this, a research conducted in the USA in June 2018, highlighted that people use Facebook Watch much more for an intentional vision, in view of the exploratory vision in the News Feeds.

The trends to be taken into account for the year 2019 that improve your content marketing

Summing up, based on the studies and results of the experiments made so far by the brands, the focus of the "new" content marketing on which to focus, are four:
  1. Contents: the trend of 2019 affirms more than ever that it is useless to jump into content marketing if you are not willing to write authentic, educational messages, to entertain and inform the user. It is necessary to hire a good pen and an excellent videographer, able to better construct the communication. The same must be consistent with the mission of the brand and is regularly proposed, according to an editorial calendar provided above. The contents will have to create emotions in the reader: amazement, participation, surprise and expectation. The brand will thus become a media company, establishing a dialogue with the user, to win his trust. The goal is to stand out from competitors , offering a "dedicated" offer to a very specific customer target
  2. SEO Technique: focuses on research queries that mimic natural language, but with an eye to sensory research through images, already exploited by some E-commerce sites. In fact, users are taking a photo of an object and upload it to the web to obtain similar results and choose the one to buy. Also the insertion of videos on Facebook is a winning choice, provided they have a duration not exceeding 15 seconds and are not interrupted by advertising. It is good to associate to the video also a written part and a link or an article, no more than 2000 words, to capture the attention and thus continue the dialogue with the user elsewhere. The important thing is to establish a mutual exchange of information. Yes to the FAQs and the comments then, in which to apply the SEO technique anyway
  3. Dissemination: in this case the password for 2019 is sharing. It is necessary to ensure that there is a widespread use of posts on social media, especially those that are longer than short ones, because they give the idea of a more reliable information source. Needless to say that the content must be viewable on any device or browser: the technological aspect is very important for the future of content marketing. Regarding videos on Facebook, the organic reach is falling: a problem that can be solved easily with a paid viral spread, which costs very little.
  4. Proper staff: Yes, in order to achieve the goal of increasing customers, it is necessary to set a precise content marketing strategy and to hire expert figures.

You will need at least:

  • A graphic for illustrations
  • A content promoter who develops the strategy and manages campaigns
  • An expert Copywriter for communications and branding
  • An employee in the metric analysis of periodic reports

As well as time planning, divided into steps, within which the brand will have to obtain concrete results, as evidenced by the company's revenues. But, caution: superficiality, continuous changes of Storytelling, out-of-context and not natural images are forbidden. Yes instead to transparency and low-profile commercial advertising. Above all, the knowledge of your target customers is essential, through the collection of personal data provided by themselves, to offer content in which they are reflected.

Start doing Trendy Content Marketing for your brand

Did you score everything? You are ready to start experimenting with the new content marketing trends of this 2019. Last tip: start now to evolve your technique in order to get the first results in a year, in line with world forecasts.

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