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Roller shutters are gaining popularly for residential use as well lately. They are an excellent option when the security of a home is concerned. Additionally, roller shutters give an attractive, modern, and a stylish look to the building. Roller shutters are again bifurcated into manual and electrical operated. The right roller shutter solely depends on the requirements. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Roller Shutters

As the name suggests, manual roller shutters need to be operated by hand, that is, closed and opened by hand, with the help of a winder or a crank. These roller shutters are very popular but are less convenient compared to electric shutters.

Manual roller shutters are fitted to the windows with the winder located on the inside of the window. Hence, you can get easy access to the winder is without having to go outside. These shutters are mainly used for residential purposes such as doors and windows.

Advantages Of Manual Roller Shutters:

  • Cheaper than electric roller shutters.
  • Durable and perfectly made to provide excellent window protection
  • Ability to open or close anytime you wish also can open and close only one shutter.
  • No power required. Hence, it can function normally even during a power outage or blackout.
  • Convenient for light doors and windows.

Disadvantages of Manual Roller Shutters:

  • Children and older people might face difficulty during opening or closing.
  • It is a must to open and close one shutter at a time using the winder inside each window.
  • They are sometimes cumbersome, especially when the person is in a hurry and needs to rush.
  • The crank lever can get spoiled if not used carefully and accurately.
  • Sometimes, they are hard to operate, especially in large areas.
  • As manual shutters come with a crank object, they may sometimes clash with the decor of the interior home.

Electric Roller Shutters

The most popular of the two, automatic rolling shutters are controlled by a small motor that opens and closes with only a push of the button. They can be operated with the help of remote control, or the panel could be mounted on the wall. For extra energy efficiency or saving, the motor that is used to open and close the shutters can be linked to the electricity or solar power panels. There are many Automatic rolling shutter manufacturers. There are also modern sliding gates.

Advantages of Electric Rolling Shutters:

  • Easy to open and shut.
  • Perfect for homeowners who may find difficulty in using manual shutters.
  • Ability to use solar panels to power the electric shutters.
  • They are sleek, smooth, and classy.
  • They suit best for larger places and outdoor areas — for example, garages.
  • They are very easy to clean as they accumulate minimum dust.
  • Durable and offer fantastic protection from the weather elements and intruders.
  • Can close all the shutters installed in the place with a single click.
  • Best usage is for heavy shutters or metal or other heavy materials that are installed for security and protection.

Disadvantages of Electric Roller Shutters:

  • They are costlier than manual roller shutters due to more parts required.
  • Cannot be operated during power breakouts or outrages.
  • Should be maintained regularly to ensure that the roller shutters in proper condition.
  • It is essential to create a power source near the area of installation as they need the power to run.

Deciding whether to take electric or manual rolling shutters solely depends on the needs of the area, such as security, purpose, and so on. It is better to consider all the available options before deciding on getting one.

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