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We are living in constant threat of being attacked. Hence, to have a safe environment around you, installing wireless security such as CCTV cameras are essential.

Another issue that often pops up is about the video surveillance camera? Should they be installed in public places? Is it invading your privacy?

There’s always benefits and drawbacks of everything. Likewise, in the wireless CCTV cameras also there are benefits and drawbacks. Hence, in this blog, we have discussed it.

Let’s take a closer of the pros and cons of the wireless CCTV cameras in the blog.

Benefits of Wireless CCTV Cameras
  • Deter The Crime

The primary reason why you must install the CCTV cameras is to deter the crime. When you install it, you are able to see the effect on the employees.

The mere thought of getting caught red-handed is what scares everyone. Also, by installing the CCTV camera at your workplace, you are able to track down the employees and know about their productivity. While at home, you can know about the whereabouts of the children and your older parents.
  • Gather Proof

Having the CCTV cameras help you in gathering proof. It becomes quite handy when you have to monitor the actions and the words of the people for a particular event.

Nowadays, the cameras available are of great visibility and the audio system. Hence, it becomes easy to track down.

The clear images and the audio shall help you in gathering proof. In addition, use it against the legal scenario. The authorities can watch a series of videos and thereon take the necessary steps.
  • Maintain the Records

The CCTV cameras help you in maintaining the records. Therefore, even if the CCTV camera disappears, you can still get the backup and watch the videos.
  • Monitor From Anywhere

Thanks to technology, you can view the live recording of the place through your device. It could be a smartphone, tablet, computer or anything as long as there’s a strong internet connection.
So, that was all about the wireless CCTV Cameras. Now let’s check the drawbacks of the CCTV cameras.

Drawbacks of CCTV Cameras

  • Privacy Issue

One of the main drawbacks among the usage of CCTV camera is that they have stirred up the controversies especially for the professional setup.

We have also seen the cases, where the employees have filed the case for constant monitoring under the cameras an invasion of the privacy.

While the employers have taken offense that the employees plan on doing something wrong and are up to no good and that’s why they do not wish to record it.
  • Cannot Stop Theft

Remember, the CCTV camera does not come with the alarm system. It’s true that it may help in viewing the criminals and get justice from the law.

It means that you will incur the loss, and run to the court for the justice to make the insurance claims.
  • Costly Investment

There are tons of cameras available today in the market. Some are the dummy CCTV cameras while there are some of them that give you an excellent result. Nevertheless, you should understand that investing in CCTV cameras is a costly investment.

Also, not to forget the extra costing of wiring the cameras. If you have good knowledge related to the wiring and cameras, then you are saved else you might end up damaging the system.
  • Being Vulnerable

Since we are smart enough to put CCTV cameras, so are the intruders. They might know the place and hence, remove it. Or sometimes they even hack the data and havoc your security camera. The worst scenario is if the thief finds they are dummy cameras, then he will throw it.

Safety is the prerequisite. Hence, installing CCTV cameras is crucial. Before installing it, better take a recommendation from the expert and gain some knowledge regarding the CCTV cameras.

In the above-mentioned blog, we have jotted down the benefits and drawbacks of the wireless CCTV cameras. Once you have weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the CCTV cameras, take your decision according. If you like the blog, don’t forget to share and drop suggestions in the comment section below.

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