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Having your own car is a great thing. But getting stuck in the midway because your car broke isn’t so. Some useful tips might help here.

Having a car is not a luxury but a necessity nowadays. Since cars are the mechanical machines, so they have all the right to fail at some point or the other. Car owners can face many problems. Even worse! This could be at a time when you expect it the least. Obviously, it doesn't happen in a new car, but when it starts to age, things start getting problematic if you don't look after the engine maintenance.

In every vehicle - whether a car or truck, an engine is a heart. What could be worse than seeing this most crucial component of your car being unresponsive or getting broke in the midway? Perhaps that's the reason why professionals recommend taking proper care of your car and ensure that the engine is in good condition.

Be mindful that the engine failures will inevitably cause your car to stop for good. Many of us are in the habit of procrastinating scheduled maintenance. But, the problem would get severe and surely cost you a fortune in the long run. Here're a few common engine problems and solutions that you must know. So let's dive in;

Faulty Car Battery

This is inevitably one of the most important sources of power that your car depends in order to function properly. Normally, the car batteries are made of acid/lead, and their life span is about 5-years. The common issues that happen with these batteries are clamp connections and terminal failure.

Therefore, the pro motorists are very much serious about keeping the car batteries in tip-top shape. So make sure you use the right lubricants on the terminals that'll protect against corrosion. You can also get the maintenance-free batteries in case you can't keep up with the maintenance schedule. These batteries are much more advanced and are known for tremendous longevity.

Lack of Coolant

Here comes another car engine problem. Yap! It’s the cooling system. Normally, the engine coolant should be replaced after every 30,000 miles or 3 years, and it shouldn't cost you more than $100. Honestly, it's nothing if you compare the cost of upgrades or replacements of spare parts.

People normally don't change the coolant until they have been suggested by a maintenance service provider. Consequently, the parts are degraded before their normal lifespan. So just make sure you keep an eye on an overheating engine. It indicates the engine is low on coolant. In such cases, get the coolant replaced right away before the problem gets worst.

Oil Issue

Procrastinating the regular oil change can lead to many expensive engine problems. If oil is not changed upon schedule, the engine starts losing its efficiency gradually and stops working at one point. So to keep your engine in good shape, pick the premium quality of the oil.

Try using synthetic oil as it'll help you get the best out of your engine. Many leading car manufacturers recommend it. Apparently, it costs a few bucks more than the regular one, but you'd rather pay that extra amount than seeing your engine failing out in the middle of nowhere. In case of serious issues, you can head to the best Porsche Service Dubai.

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