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How to Transfer Bitdefender to another Computer?

To know how to transfer Bitdefender to a new computer find here the right process given by the experts. The blog post explains the best way of transferring the Bitdefender antivirus software setup to a new computer with all configurations and settings. These steps are helpful in transferring the Bitdefender with product activation license key.
Bitdefender users looking to transfer the antivirus software into another computer with product key activation key and other configurations and settings. It is providing the instructions to solve the issues come while transferring the Bitdefender into another computer. To know the steps read the instructions given below.

Steps to Transfer Bitdefender to New Computer:

Step 1: First of all click on the “Access Bitdefender Central” option.
Step 2: Now you need to press on “My Devices” tab.
Step 3: Here under the “My Devices” panel, click “Install Bitdefender”.
Step 4: Now select from the two available options
  • Either download and save the install on same device.
  • Or on another device select the windows to download Bitdefender.
Step 5: Type e-mail address in the corresponding field, and click send option.
Step 6: Now press on Run the Bitdefender product which has been downloaded.
Step 7: Here you need to wait until the installation process is completed and close the window.

Hope these steps will work to successfully transfer to Bitdefender to new computer setup on your system. However, meanwhile if there is any issue comes or Bitdefender is not working after transferring the antivirus setup on another computer, find the assured solution online. Bitdefender antivirus support number is the toll-free contact number to call and get online assistance by experts to transfer Bitdefender setup into new computer and solve the related issues remotely.

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