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How to Reset Dell XPS 13 9343 BIOS Password?

To reset Dell XPS 13 9343 bios password you have to go through the steps given below. Just follow the steps and you can reset the bios password on your Dell XPS laptop without any issue. Though, you can also use the BIOS resetter tools that will automatically reset the password but you need to pay for that and few of them are not safe to use on your system.

Steps to Reset Dell XPS 13 9343 Bios Password:

Step 1: First of all locate the Jumper that can be found near the CMOS battery, make sure your laptop is turned off and unplug from the power supply cable.
Step 2: You will find here three pins just remove the jacket from the first two pins then insert it to the second and third pin.
Step 3: Here you need to try to switch on the laptop and wait till boot as sometimes few models of motherboard do not allow booting it.
Step 4: Now turn off again the PC then insert back the Jamper to its original position.
Step 5: Try to turn on your laptop again and observe changes, probably it is reset at default setting.
Step 6: Now press Del or F2 to enter BIOS setup and for now onwards you will not be ask for the password or any other security codes.
Step 7: Now you can now access and change any settings there without any restrictions on your laptop.
Hope these steps help you to reset the Dell XPS 13 9343 BIOS password and if your problem is not solved you can take help from experts who will assist you remotely and fix the BIOS related issues or solve various other problems affecting Dell laptop with safe results.

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