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How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error?

Paper jam error is the one of the most common error among Dell users, if you face in such situation and paper is stuck inside the printer not allowing you to do anymore task you can try the steps given below and resolve paper jam issue on your Dell printer.

Steps to Check and Resolve Dell Printer Paper Jam Error:

Step 1: Check if Paper is Jammed in the Paper Tray
Step 2: Check if Paper is Jammed at the Back of the Machine
Step 3: Check if Paper is Jammed inside the Machine
Step 4: Check Paper is Jammed in the 2-Sided Tray
Step 5: Check Fuser Assembly, Fit Known Good Part if Available
Step 6: Clear the Paper Jam and Check Registration Sensor
Step 7: Now Print with Back Door Removed and Check the Redrive Comb
Step 8: Check 3x5 Feeder Assembly and Check if Error Occurs on POST
Follow the steps given above to avoid or resolve the paper jam issue with Dell printers. If your problem is not solved you can get help from certified technicians who will help you to resolve the paper jam problem on you printer and also solve printing related other issues.

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