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How to Get a Brother Printer Online?

Brother printer going offline means either power supply is not available or the operating system of printer connected system has been updated or upgraded. Actually, this problem shows after system update or upgrade and driver become incompatible that also need to be updated. Though, there could be various other reasons of Brother printer showing offline and if you don’t not know how do you get a brother printer online follow the troubleshooting steps given below.
If your printer is not connected properly with your computer or network you will notice the problems or printer will show offline status. To examine the connectivity problem follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Unplug, re-plug, restart your printer and wait till the printer is fully ready.
Step 2: Now to check the connection of your printer. If you are using wired printer check the USB cable whether it is properly plugged or not. If the connection is wireless, make sure your printer in connected with right network IP address.
Step 3: Now you can try for test print and if problem not solved follow the next option.
If your printer is properly connected with network but showing offline, then you need to check the printer status. Check if your printer is not set as the default or might be paused or set as offline and check this you need to follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Open Printers and Devices from Control Panel.
Step 2: Select your printer. Right click to open drop down. Click on “See what’s printing”
Step 3: Now click on “Set as default printer” and below that you can see your printer status – offline or paused. If the printer is paused, simply click on “Resume printing”.
Step 4: Now run the test print to check the printer status.
Hope these two methods will help you to get back your Brother printer online, however, if the problem persists, cancel the print queue, then you can connect a new printer or to fix Brother printer error showing it offline you need to contact a professional technician who can only help you quickly online and solve the Brother printer related other issues safely.

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